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Undertaking a Fire Drill

November 27th, 2014

Fire drills should be undertaken at least annually, more frequently where there are staff / occupancy changes. Six monthly fire drills are recommended.

Undertaking a Fire Drill(.pdf)



  • All persons should leave the building immediately by the nearest available exit and proceed to the designated assembly area, without stopping to collect personal belongings, but closing doors behind them.
  • Fire Wardens should ensure that people in their zone or area leave the building promptly.  If safe to do so, each floor or level, should be ‘swept’ by Wardens as they leave the premises, checking the toilets on their way out.  Special provisions may be necessary for any disabled members of staff or visitors present at the time of the alarm (see Evacuation of People with Disabilities).
  • As lift shafts can become smoke logged in a fire, it is important that lifts are not used.
  • A roll call or head count should be carried out at the assembly area to establish whether all persons are accounted for.  If any people are reporting missing, this information should be passed on to a Fire Services Officer without delay.
  • In no circumstances should search parties be organised to search the premises for missing persons.  This task, if necessary, will be carried out by Fire Services personnel wearing breathing apparatus.
  • The Fire Officer will indicate when it is safe to re-occupy the premises.

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