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Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

May 24th, 2016

Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

Avoid those kitchen nightmares

Kitchen fires account for more than half of all accidental house fires and the majority of fire related injuries.
Simple tips to help you avoid a fire starting in your kitchen

don’t leave cooking unattended and be sure to take pans off the heat
make sure you switch off the oven or hob when you have finished cooking
spark devices are safer than matches or lighters to light gas cookers
keep electrical leads, tea towels, and cloths away from the oven and hob
take care when wearing loose clothing, it can easily catch fire

If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop and roll

don’t run
lie down and roll around
smother flames using a heavy material like a coat or blanket

Chip pan safety tips

never be tempted to use your chip pan after consuming alcohol
always keep a careful watch on the chip pan and never leave it unattended
use a thermostat-controlled deep fat fryer, which will make sure the fat doesn’t get too hot
always dry the chips before placing them in the oil
test the temperature with a small piece of bread or potato. If it crisps quickly, the oil is hot enough
if the oil starts to smoke don’t put food in, turn off the heat and leave to cool

What you should do if your chip pan catches fire

try to turn the power off to the chip pan, but only if it’s safe to do so
leave the room, closing the door behind you, leave the house, call 999 and remain outside the house and wait for the Fire Service to arrive
never move the pan, even if the fire is put out. Wait for the Fire Service to arrive, we are trained and equipped to deal with hot fat and oil fires. There is a very real chance that, if disturbed, the pan will re-ignite
never use water, as this will cause a fireball
never use wet tea towels, pan lids or chopping boards etc

Watch our chip pan video

Think about what you’re doing when you’re frying. You’re heating oil or fat to extremely high temperatures. The oil cannot only cause terrible burns, but it can go up in flames. In fact, it’s an ideal fuel for a fire, and difficult to put out.

Our video clip shows just how dangerous a chip pan fire can be.

Electrical appliances

electrical appliances such as toasters and cookers are possible ignition sources for fires in the kitchen
don’t position toasters near curtains
always use these appliances as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions
do not overload electrical sockets
in the event of a power cut or failure of your fuel supply, make sure any alternative is tested and safe to use

Exciting news!

Firecall has now merged with Cheltenham company Mainpoint.

Established in 1991, Mainpoint Fire Protection Ltd are award winning specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment, fire alarms and emergency lighting to businesses, residents and the public sector. Being a local company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire we are able to offer you a friendly and professional team of skilled staff in their particular field to provide quality workmanship, first-rate customer service and dependability gaining many prominent clients and hundreds of smaller customers.