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Why ask Firecall to prepare a Fire Risk Assessment for you?

Make your own life easier, let Firecall do your Fire Risk Assessment.

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Should I do the Fire Risk Assessment myself?

Your Fire Risk Assessment is the cornerstone of the Fire Safety of your business. It identifies risks and the actions needed to reduce them.There is a hefty price to pay if you underestimate a risk; the cost could be someone’s safety, or a fine from the authorities. However, it is also easy to spend a lot of money on unnecessary equipment (thinking it is better to be safe than sorry).

In a small premises you may feel up to tackling the job and the government has produced some very helpful information to make this achievable.

For larger premises, it is a time-consuming and daunting task. Arguably,it would be a better use of your time to call in the experts.

Getting Firecall to help you out.

We’d be delighted!

In order to make our Fire Risk Assessment more comprehensive we provide you with a pre-assessment questionnaire on the property.

One of our GIFireE (Graduates of the Institute of Fire Engineering) qualified engineers would then visit the site and carry out the assessment.

The Assessment

Our assessment is divided into four parts:

    1. The Survey.A thorough analysis of your building and practices. We look into the following issues:
      • Identify sources of ignition and combustion.
      • Appraisal of:
        • existing fire detection and warning systems
        • escape routes and evacuation procedures
        • fire signage and emergency lights
        • staff fire training
        • emergency plan
        • servicing routines of fire safety equipment


    1. The Action Report.Having identified any problems, we take you through the solutions.
      • The identification of those issues which need
        your further attention for your premises to become compliant.
      • Photographs are used to help the client identify
        the main issues.


    1. The Risk Ratings Report
        A subjective assessment as to whether the fire safety measures and risk to life should a fire occur are acceptable.


  1. Guidelines
    • Forming an Emergency Plan
    • The Responsible Person’
    • ‘The Relevant Person’
    • Servicing Routines
    • Liaising with Contractors
    • Fire Training and Fire Drills


When the Fire Risk Assessment is completed it will generate an ‘Action List’ of items that require attention with a suggested time scale for completion. Each item will be given a subjective score of between 1 and 5 to give a total ‘Risk Score’ for the property. As each point is remedied so the risk score will decrease.

A Fire Risk Assessment is a purely advisory document.

We ensure that our Fire Risk Assessment is acceptable to your Fire Officer and Insurers. We would strongly advise that you heed the advice we give. However, the only person who could make you do anything is the Fire Officer through the issuance of an Enforcement Notice.

Until the introduction of the 2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order in 2006 fire safety issues were largely controlled by the granting of Fire Certificates by the Fire Officer.After 2006 the Fire Risk Assessment became the relevant document rather than the Fire Certificate. There was a major difference between the Fire Certificate and the Fire Risk Assessment in that if a property was granted a Fire Certificate it was valid as long as the property was not altered even though the relevant BS Standards may have changed.However the Fire Risk Assessment will judge the property against the relevant current BS Standards.

We ensure that our Fire Risk Assessment is acceptable to your Fire Officer and Insurers.

Exciting news!

Firecall has now merged with Cheltenham company Mainpoint.

Established in 1991, Mainpoint Fire Protection Ltd are award winning specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment, fire alarms and emergency lighting to businesses, residents and the public sector. Being a local company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire we are able to offer you a friendly and professional team of skilled staff in their particular field to provide quality workmanship, first-rate customer service and dependability gaining many prominent clients and hundreds of smaller customers.