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Installation of Fire Alarm System

Your choice of fire alarm is often made for you by either Building Control, British Standards, your Fire Risk Assessment or in some cases your insurers. If this is not the case, you are not on your own, we have the expertise to help you make the right choice for your property.

We are able to install all types of fire alarm system for you. Whether you require a simple mains/ battery backup system, or a state-of-the-art  linked multi-panel, addressable system with web based monitoring, we have a solution for you.

There are benefits and constraints to all systems so every installation is bespoke. Perfect for your individual circumstances.

We only install ‘Open Protocol Systems’
While we are more than happy to bend-over-backwards to supply you with the right alarm, we will only install ‘Open Protocol Systems’.

The reason for this is simple.
We believe a ‘Closed Protocol System’ is never in our client’s best interests. Closed Protocol Systems tie you to a specific supplier / manufacturer. Using an Open Protocol System you have a much wider choice of how you source your supplies and spares.

Closed Protocol Systems can be cheaper to install but more expensive to maintain.

Types of Fire Alarm System

This section explains is detail the different types of Fire Alarm available, we have included it for your information. We are more than happy to guide you however, to the right fire alarm system for your property (which means you don’t need to get bogged down in the nitty gritty!).

Manual Fire Alarm Systems
This is the simplest type of alarm. The occupants are the ‘detectors’ and they sound the alarm. This is only suitable for single occupancy buildings without any areas where a fire could start unnoticed and block an escape route before the building can be evacuated.

Automatic Life Protection Systems
For use where there are unoccupied areas and common corridors where a fire could start undetected and the existing fire protection is inadequate.There are three degrees of cover:

  • L1: Automatic detectors throughout the building
  • L2: Automatic detectors on all escape routes and rooms opening onto escape routes and defined areas of high risk
  • L3: Automatic detectors on all escape routes and rooms off escape routes
    Automatic Property Protection Systems Fire Risk Assessments consider the risk to life. Sometimes the client, or their insurers may also, when the value of the building or contents is high, want to safeguard the property risk which could mean that a higher level of detection is required.


The two levels are:

  • P1: Total property protection
  • P2: Detectors in those areas of high risk.These systems are normally linked to a monitoring station. Firecall can install your Redcare Connection or you could now make use of a Web based monitoring solution.


Analogue Systems
This is the simplest form of automatic fire detection. They can be used in smaller buildings which are not on too many floors and are without too many occupiers. The building is divided into zones. There should be at least one zone for each floor and preferably one zone for each occupier. If there is an activation, the panel will identify the zone in which the activation occurred.

Addressable Systems
More advanced than the analogue system. So named as each detector / call point is given a unique ‘address’ on the panel. So these are used in larger buildings. On an activation the precise location of the activation is identified on the panel.

Wired or Wireless?
Wireless (or radio) alarms are more expensive to install and maintain. However, they take much less time to install and there is a lot less disruption. So, if the window for installation is tight, the ability to conceal the fire cables difficult or the decorations elaborate, then we may well advise clients to consider this option.

Several times in the passed 12 months we have extended an existing wired system in a building that remains occupied and have added a wireless panel to the wired panel to cover the new areas.

Fire Beams
Fire Beams are a more economical way of providing fire detection in large areas. Firecall can install fire beams for you.

Aspirating Fire Detection Systems
Firecall can install aspirating systems in sensitive areas. They can detect the earliest traces of smoke.

Servicing of Fire Alarm System

We are happy to service all systems. We have a proven track record.

To comply with BS5839 all alarms need to be serviced at least every six months. There needs to be a weekly bell test when a different call point is triggered, each week in rotation, around the building. (Unless there are more than 14 zones, when a second call point needs to be triggered).

The bell test and the servicing routines should be recorded in the log book which must be kept on site.

We are also able to service Smoke Vents and carry out Weekly Bell Tests as stand alone services.

Weekly Bell Tests
In order to comply with BS 5839 fire alarms require a weekly bell test and each bell test needs to be recorded in the logbook. Each break glass call point needs to be activated in rotation around the building.

Firecall usually arranges this as part of the fire alarm service contract. However we can also arrange this for you as a stand alone service from £20.00 per week plus vat.

Smoke Vents
Smoke Vents can either be fitted alongside the fire alarm or as stand alone units triggered by their own dedicated smoke detector.

Whichever, smoke vents need an annual service not only to check the smoke detector and battery.

This Firecall can do this for you, either as part of the fire alarm service or as a stand alone service.

Commissioning of Fire Alarm System

If you have a site electrician we are happy to do the second fix and the commissioning of the alarm. However, we will also have to establish that the alarm has been fitted to BS 5839. It would therefore be as well to involve Firecall in the design of the system at the beginning of the project.

Exciting news!

Firecall has now merged with Cheltenham company Mainpoint.

Established in 1991, Mainpoint Fire Protection Ltd are award winning specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment, fire alarms and emergency lighting to businesses, residents and the public sector. Being a local company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire we are able to offer you a friendly and professional team of skilled staff in their particular field to provide quality workmanship, first-rate customer service and dependability gaining many prominent clients and hundreds of smaller customers.