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Evacuating Disabled People

November 27th, 2014

Fire drills should be undertaken at least annually, more frequently where there are staff / occupancy changes. Six monthly fire drills are recommended. Extra procedures need to be in place for evacuating disabled people.

…Evacuation of Disabled People (.pdf)



  • A sufficient number of volunteer helpers should be trained in the use of specialised equipment for this purpose, e.g. ‘evacuation chairs’ or how to carry people down the stairs safely.

  • Purpose designed evacuation lifts are suitable for use by disabled persons in the event of fire.  However, where a lift does not meet this criteria, disabled persons should be assisted from upper floors to a place of safety outside by trained personnel, via the protected stairways.

  • It is normal practice where disabled people work on upper floors of buildings, to provide a safe ‘refuge’ within a fire protected area.  Such areas should be clearly marked and allow sufficient space for wheelchair users to await assistance, whilst maintaining unhindered egress for the able-bodied.  In order to avoid congestion on the staircase, disabled persons should be assisted or guided out of the premises by their helpers after the main ‘body’ of occupants has passed.

  • Without exception, disabled members of staff should take part in fire drills.

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